“Reality in a Nutshell”

Who would have thought a mouse whistling a tune would one day be world famous? It’s all thanks to the fun and happy-go-lucky way in which this mouse was conjured up. With a custom-made, characteristic and stylistic animations we can visualize your product or concept in a unique way.

And who knows, yours may become just as famous as that whistling mouse on his ship.

We help the (port) industry get ahead! Ready to stand out and proudly present itself to the world.

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  • Logo animation

    “Your logo comes to life”

    The right logo animation can make or break a film.
    That’s why it’s so important to consider what kind of logo animation suits your company or corporate film.
    We can create your company’s own logo animation as part of a video, or an individual one for a website or at a trade fair.

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  • Explanimation

    “Your concept in a nutshell”

    It’s amazing if you can come up with a clever concept. But what’s the best way to show it to the world? An explanimation is a relatively new and efficient method that gives the quick-and-dirty on a concept or product. Such an animation has a duration of one or one and a half minutes on average. They are all custom-made and thus they follow your corporate branding to a T.

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  • Leader animation

    “Strike the right tone for succes”

    A leader is an internet or TV show intro. A quality leader sets the tone. For this reason it’s important to carefully think about the design and message behind the leader.
    It has to correspond to the form and contents of the program or show it precedes.

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