“Surf, Swipe, and Communicate”

An operational website with CMS and no WordPress, specific web applications, a creative internet campaign, a smart app, your own TV channel, connecting with your target audience? We make it work. Our specialists in language, communication, and imagery, design, and IT are ready to serve you!

We help the (port) industry get ahead! Ready to stand out and proudly present itself to the world.

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  • Websites

    "Clear and relevant"

    A website can have several uses: public campaigns, and internal or corporate communication.
    A great deal of attention goes out to the design, duration of the program, content, and interaction.
    Of course we will start by making your goals crystal clear.

  • Web applications

    "Specific and future-oriented"

    Incorporating information systems for processes, and development of specific (web) software starts with the co-creation and simple expression of an objective. Short powerful sprints take us to the anticipated result. With the help, of course, of the latest technology with an eye to the future.

  • Apps

    "Handy and professional"

    Many people own a smartphone. It's about time you got an app. A functional app can boost your brand perception, support sales, give out information, and optimize your company’s internal operations.
    We will create your app fit to your organization without a hitch, and at a great price.

  • Narrowcasting

    "Your own TV channel"

    Narrowcasting is used to show your messages, images, and short films via the internet. It’s also possible to link it to social media, YouTube, and news portals. There are options for extra modules or apps as extensions of the basic system. Its power lies in simplicity and flexibility.

  • Interactive

    "Target audience interaction"

    Interactive and dynamic applications offer an unending range of possibilities. Touchscreens and interactive media can be put into action in many useful but also fun ways. Reach out to your target audience and go one-on-one! We have a package deal for you.

  • Online marketing

    "Creative and goal-oriented"

    Achieve your goals and improve your position. We are there for you with creative internet marketing and online advertising. We stand out, thanks to our result-oriented approach that yields actual improvement.

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